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Women Need To Eject Five Financial Thoughts from Their Mind




You know that women are smart and intelligent and are also good at business. They are not different than male counterparts so they also deserve to be paid equal to men. We have to banish these thoughts from our mind that the world throws some unique curve balls at us and they can hurt us in finance

Let Your Husband/Boyfriend Manage Your Finances

This idea is as useless and feckless as some approach to the sense that women should handle all of the housework. A couple should control finance with mutual understanding. This gives women confidence that she can handle things if her significant is not around because two minds are better than one.

Don’t Think About Retirement Savings Yet

We don’t have to think that we are too young to start retirement savings. We should plan for comfortable retirement because it takes decade of planning and savings. We should beware of the hidden or unsuspected danger or difficulty of relying on our partner retirement. Even if you are not a working women you stay at home you should think about your own retirement savings

Retirement Savings

Fox 4

Feeling uncomfortable

As we know women are more emotional than men and tend to be more cautions and they have to stop it. Ignore the feelings that hold you back when it comes to money. Don’t feel shy whether it’s a new job any interview or conversation with a stranger or partner or any kind of investment opportunity. Just do it and be confident.

Everything should be on time

As we know women face many difficulties and they are tangled in many other issues but women have to think about the issues like making planning for retirement, making a budget and long-term financial planning that cannot be cut off and all this should be happen on time.

I am not capable of this

Women have to observe or notice their worth as an employee or entrepreneur. They have to consider themselves first and the customer/business second while setting prices even if they own their own business or work as an employee. They have to think what they need or what they want for themselves that is how you make your worth.

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Keep your game strong at work: 5 tips.



Always know your worth especially at the workplace. If you completely do your tasks
then you are still under the market value if you don’t ask for the raise. Employees
have a mindset of getting higher salary according to seniority which is not true
always because if you are working day and night and still not getting enough salary
then you must ask for more without fear. There are always some workers that are
too timid to ask for a raise and no offense such people are replaced readily.
Thankfully there are some shortcuts that’ll help you get a raise without being too

Look for perfect time and perfect opportunity.

You may be in oblivion of you are willing to take percentage less than
15%. Depending on the circumstances of your company there may be less chances
of you getting a raise. But your boss may play the odds by letting the employees
choose the percentage.Seek out an increase between 20-25%or cut off your working
days or have paid vacations.

Build trust on your boss.

Doing little work and hoping for increase is not the way things work out. You must
build your trust by taking part in bigger assignments.In this way you become a bit
prominent and whatever you say will be listened.
DNA India

DNA India

Know the market value.

Compare your status and worth with that when you first join the company. Chances
are you should be making more money after you paid your dues. Look up in the site
named Payscale to learn about the average salary according to your occupation
compared to geographical location. Get the raise you want.


Spruce up your status.

Being a promising employer is one thing but being on the same status with same
salary can value you down. Consider updating your profile with your skills and
dedication. Learn to adapt to changes because of you get less than 15% in one
company there are chances that you may earn 20% more when you switch to

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Save up for your career with these Credit cards



The cost of college education is what keeps us doing jobs because it is obviously no
joke. From college fees to the cost of books and hostels expenses, these all mount
up to a pretty big amount that one has to pay in order to have a bright future. So
any savings are helpful and what’s good than using the right credit card that helps
you lessen your burden.

Upromise® Mastercard®

The amazing fact about this is that this card offers 1.25$ cash back on every dollar
spent using this card and also allow you to round the cost of purchase to the
nearest dollar. So you can save it some too. Also to make you aware that when you
link to this card it offers you 15% bonus on your overall back. So all in all its the one
card to assure you that you are saving up for college.

Fidelity®Rewards Visa signature®Credit card.

Fidelity®Rewards Visa signature®Credit card is another opportunity to save up for
college. You can save up to 2% of cash back on the things you purchase from this
card if the cash in your accounts is used in their investment accounts. If you don’t
want this then you can receive back but you’ll still be benefited by receiving
1.5%cash back. You must know that this card doesn’t charge annual fee.

Coming in light of above.

Saving up for college is a continuous struggle. The sooner you start the better. But
don’t be overwhelmed by this and focus on the actual studying. However you must
be disciplined and avoid accruing any credit card interests which will lead to further
debt and there’d be no use of getting such offers from these cards.

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debt free app

Paying off debt is one hell of a task especially when you are everywhere and operating multiple accounts which can be pretty hectic but with these 5 wonders your worries are just thin air while you handle at the palm of your hand.


MINT is the one app with every solution. From budgeting, bill management to calculating your spending the mint can do it all. In fact paying off the credit card debt is the other goal mint has to do.all you have to do is to link the credit card details and it’ll help you pay off the debt in time.

Mint app



Tally is a little upgraded because It not handles the debt management only. Tally actually extends a line of credit to you. It pays the most money towards your card with the highest interest rate  and also pays minimum balance at the other credit cards. So instead paying to the creditors  you can pay back line of credit through tally. You will need a minimum FICO score of 660, and to meet other eligibility requirements that you have to pay like most of the lines of credit.


This app is for those who have student loans which constitute  about 50% of our population. For this it must be linked with your account . The app will round of your purchase to a  nearest dollar and the difference is then added to your loan when the balance reaches to 100$.

Debt free

This app is perfect for those who want to apply different strategies to pay off the debt.It emphasizes on snowball method but it also has other strategies which it offer according to the lifestyle.It offers calculators and notifications but unfortunately it is only available on iPhone.


Credit card pay off

This app helps you pay off debt by putting a schedule for you. Make a target when you’d like to pay off the debt and the app will tell you how much to pay every month.also have other option according to what’s feasible to you. The app is best and exclusive for Android only.

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