How To Take Care Of Baby Skin In Winter?

December is here. It has knocked our doors with an unwelcomed guest Winter with it. The guest has two children. One the cold breeze and other the Flu. Both children are naughty by their acts. Therefore, everyone is warned not to play with them.

Everyone is taking suitable prevention. And in the best way to get themselves warm. Winter fashion cold is out. Hot Drinks are easily available now. Chai, coffee, black tea, and hot chocolate are one-time essentials. Everyone is prohibiting him/her from doctors.

But this cold breeze and winter affect the newborn the most. They must have cared a lot.

Is there any solution to take care of the newborn or winter babies?

Yup… is it.

These are the tips for new beloved ones.

1- Use a Humidifier:

In winter, the room is cold. So, to keep it warm. The mind clicks the heater option. But heater, dry the room atmosphere as well as baby skin. To the best option is Humidifier. Install a humidifier in the room as well so that the moisture levels are maintained optimally.

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2- Use a Moisturizer:

Soft baby skin is always playful and loves to touch. Therefore, to maintain its stability in winter. Give your child’s skin a massage of moisturizer. The baby’s lotion and other skin products can be trusted in the sense.

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3- Bath with slightly warm water:

The skin shines when its in contact with the fresh water. Therefore, use slight warm water for the bath. After the bath, quickly cover the baby with a warm blanket.


4- Don’t use lots of product:

Care for a beloved one is a must. But crossing its limit is quite worse. Like some parents, use different soaps and shampoos for bathing. Thus, which result in drying the soft skin.

5- Massage your Baby Well:

After a cheerful and joyful day. The baby end-up in tiring. He/she has no way to communicate this to you. His only weapon is crying. So, before they cry, give them a massage with some oil/lotion. Massaging your child is highly recommended by doctors and caretakers alike.

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6- Don’t use a heavy blanket:

Laying a nice heavy blanket on your baby to keep him warm might seem the best way to comfort your child in winter. But that isn’t the safest way for your child. The inability of your child to shift the blanket and the chance of it pulling above his face could result in a sudden infant death. Use a light blanket and keep room temperature optimal.

7- Use Warm Clothes:

As the prevention for room temperature is done. So, the next step is not warm the body temperature. Therefore, use Winter fashion clothes. The clothes must be warm and suitable for the beloved.

8- Hug them / hold them in your arm:

Holding your baby in your hands is a precious feel any parent would feel. And hugging them is next level. This keep both of you warm.

9- Maintaining your own Hygiene:

Germs can find the smallest way of reaching your kid, so make sure you stop all paths right away. Wash your hand.  Wash your hands and disinfect them with a sanitizer every time you attend to your child. Inform any visitors or guests to do the same as well.


These are the tips for your newborn. I hope they will help you on the new journey. For suggestion comment below.



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