Saudi Arabia and China took advantages of the bugs.


After the news of Facebook Information Leaked Scandal, the users are now surprised by the Twitter phone number scandal.

The incident was noticed on 15 November, last month.  It was fixed day after on 16 November.

The bug could have revealed the country code of users’ phone numbers or if their account was locked, the company said.

There is this help form when a person forgets its password or his account is locked. The form shows the personal phone number with country code. So, it was the bug which reveals user current country. It could be dangerous in regions where freedom of speech and expression is restricted.

Two years ago, it was first reported by Peerzada Fawaz Ahmad Qureshi through HackerOne, which hosts Twitter’s bug reporting program, in the hope of a fix and a bounty payout. But his report was marked as informative and so such steps were taken.

After two years, it came as a nightmare for Twitter. IP addresses from the two countries had sent a large number of inquiries using the form, Twitter said. The country includes China and Saudi Arabia.

Twitter has directly contacted the affected user but prohibited to mention affected user as Investigation in the proceeding.

These could have had ties to “state-sponsored actors”, Twitter said.

Not that much issue to worry as. No full phone numbers were revealed, nor any other personal data.

But the Question still arises. Are we in face hands?


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