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5 Symptoms That We Should Never Ignore and Should Visit Doctor




When you feel some changes in your body or mind you think about having a bad day or getting older or you think about something you ate that day. But there are some symptoms that we should never ignore and we should visit doctor if we are suffering from those symptoms.

You should make doctor’s appointment while having these symptoms

Sudden Weight Loss

Lots of people struggle with their weight some want to gain weight or some want to lose weight but when it sudden happen you must have to think about it and don’t ignore it. If you are trying to lose weight but it sudden happens you should have to think about it because may be it is the sign of something wrong.

Make a doctor’s appointment and get checked. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Weight Loss

Health Magazine

Thunderclap Headaches

Nowadays getting headache is a common fact of life. Some people might take some medicine and go back to bed. If you get headache unlike you have to think about it and get it checked because the sudden headache is a sign of an aneurysm or a slew of other medical conditions

Doctor may be able to help you and get you rid of your headache.

Changes in Bowel Movements

People don’t like to talk about what they do or don’t do in the bathroom, but each person has an idea what is normal for him. Changes in bowel movement can signal a bigger problem whether the change is in frequency or consistency.

If your bowel movement changes are more than one day or few days or the blood is present, make the doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. The digestive system is very important for our health so keep it working normally.

Changes in Mental State

If you feel sudden changes in your mental state like aggression, confusion, or disorientation then may be your brain is telling you that something is wrong. You should listen to your body and if you feel or notice any kind of change in yourself mentally, get help immediately.

May be someone else judge your changes better than you. Our loved ones should keep an eye on our mental changes and encourages us to get rid of it or seek help.

Mental State


Persistent Fatigue

May be it is normal in this day and age that you feel tired all the time but if  you are having proper rest and having enough sleep and still you feel tired then you must visit a doctor or you must show yourself to professional.

Don’t ignore persistent fatigue or don’t drink more coffee in this situation. Only visit doctor to make sure that you are healthy.

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Four Foods To Boost Brain Power



In modern times there are foods that literally boost brain power. These foods
contain antioxidants or anti-inflammatory. As you get older you can’t rely on a
single magical food to keep your cognitive strength. According to Harvard Health
you should follow healthy food strategy regularly. You can try these brain boosters
before the big sales presentation or college exam. Consider these four foods first
when you want to eat for brain power.


Fit folks avoided eggs thinking that they were too high in cholesterol. But according
to the latest research eggs are brain boosters because they contain choline. Choline
helps to create acetylcholine which is a brain chemical critical in many cerebral
functions. Choline is a food and nutrition. According to Board of Nation Institute of
Medicine adult man should take 550 mg per day and breastfeeding women should
take 425 mg per day. One egg contains 115 mg of choline.
B6 and B12 both stars in assisting brain function and eggs contains both of this.
With each egg providing six grams it is inexpensive source of protein. Children
should also have egg for brain boosting.

Leafy greens

It is no longer a deprivation to get greens because of proliferation of different
recipes of salads and serving of green salads in restaurants in recent years.
According to the recent study green leafy vegetables are brain boosters. The leafy
green vegetables foods are rich in lutein, nitrate, folate, α-tocopherol, and Vitamin

Fatty fish

Salmon, cod and canned tuna these all are fatty fish and these fatty fish contains
bunch of omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 function is to lower the level of beta-amyloid
protein in the blood and it is very much concerned to the brain health. At family and
upscale eateries you can easily find fatty fish on menu, though from a can of light
tuna they are most affordable eaten.


Colorful berries are beautiful, but those natural plant pigments, “flavonoids,” have a
practical role, too. The antioxidants they contain reduce toxic “free radicals” in the
brain, which diminishes their impact on cognitive decline.
Natural plant pigments, “flavonoids” are practical but colorful berries are also
beautiful. Berries contain antioxidants and these antioxidants reduce toxic “free
radicals” in the brain.
Harvard Brigham and Women’s Hospital study determined that by eating two or
more servings of blueberries per day it’s possible to stave off memory loss.
Strawberries are also brain boosters. By study it is determined that by drinking
blueberry juice every day for three months improve adults learning and memory
skills by 20 percent.

Health Magazine

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