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Korea’s Best Kept Beauty Secret: Mugwort



It is difficult to decide which product really works in today’s skincare world. May be
secret to perfect skin held in a plant people used for hundreds of years. People are
concerned to have perfect skin. Mugwort is a plant used by Koreans for generations
for perfect skin.


Mugwort is known as weed and it is historically used by people all over the world. In
Medieval Europe people believe that mugwort will protect them from evil spirits. In
china people use mugwort herb in seasonal foods, as well as pulverize it for
therapeutic, acupuncture effects. German people use mugwort in season goose
served for Christmas dinner.
People called mugwort as ssuk(쑥) in Korea. They use mugwort herb in soups, tea,
rice cakes, and pancakes. Mugwort is used in medicine called moxibustion which is
a traditional Korean medicine. It is also used in Chinese medicines. By stick of
burning mugwort heat is applied to the body. To stimulate and strengthen the blood
then stick is placed over pressure points. The mugwort history in this capacity is
fascinating nonetheless.
Mugwort has many uses. From a very long time Koreans also using weed for

It is not just a weed

There is a high concentration of Vitamin C in mugwort and it is a great addition to
any skincare routine. Collagen production boosts naturally in skin by Vitamin C. Skin
become more plump and smooth by increase in collagen production and in turn
smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E is great compound for skin and
mugwort is also rich of Vitamin E. There are antioxidant properties in both Vitamin C
and Vitamin D. These antioxidant properties fight free radicals and prevent damage
caused by UV radiation.
Mugwort also act as topical anti-inflammatory. Those suffering from eczema and
psoriasis can get relieve by it. Apart from it’s use to kill bacteria and keeping
skin acne-free, mugwort is very helpful in reducing redness and swelling in the face
as well as cystic acne because it act as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory at the
same time.


Uses of this healing herb

You can use mugwort to look younger, reduce acne, brighten your skin, etc. You can
use mugwort skincare products as a part of a daily routine or every once in a while
to give your skin a needed pick me up. In cleaners, toners and daily oils, mugwort
act as an active ingredient. On the ingredient list you can also find facial masks.
By using mugwort sheet masks you can easily incorporate mugwort into your skin.
These masks are super budget friendly. In $10 you can order 5 sheet masks and see
how your skin responds to mugwort.

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