Reasons Behind the Poor Performance of Lahore Qalandars. Do you Agree?


Lahore Qalandars are continuously performing badly from the very first PSL Edition and this is the first time they are even failed to win a single match out of four that they have played till now and their chances to qualify for the semi-finals are also fading out.

Who Are “Qalanders”?

The Lahore franchise is propelled on 12 December 2015 by proprietor Fawad Rana.

The “Q” in the Qalandars is connected to represent both Qatar and QALCO and the name featured the Sufi culture of Lahore.

“Qalandar” is a typical term used as a part of Pakistan to depict Sufi spiritualists or saints whose sanctums pull in a huge number of devotees and tourists.

The team’s logo includes a Sufi performing the well known Sufi spinning with three stumps on his right side and a cricket ball in the bottom and is intended to represent the Sufi culture of the locale.

Lahore Qalandars | Crazistan
Lahore Qalandars | Crazistan

Continuous Poor Performance

After the team finished at bottom of the table in all the past editions of the Pakistan Super League, one would have sought after some turnaround this season. However, with four losses in their four matches up until this point, the Qalandars’ bad dream proceeds.

Shoaib Akhtar’s Criticism

Shoaib Akhtar, who is likewise Lahore Qalandars’ brand ambassador for this season, pinpointed poor drafting and selection as the real guilty party behind the team’s losses.

Lahore Qalandars | Crazistan
Lahore Qalandars | Crazistan

Umar Akmal’s Poor Performance

Drawing attention to Umar Akmal’s baffling batting, the ‘Rawalpindi Express‘ emphasized the batsman’s absence of mental nearness and focus.

Captaincy Issues

Akhtar likewise expressed disappointment at Brendon McCullum’s captaincy, saying that it was incautious to convey a spinner to confront Shoaib Malik at the crease, rather than a quick bowler.

As indicated by Sikander Bakht, there are cautioning signs in the coaching setup also.

“I am starting to have doubts on Aqib Javed’s coaching. He is associated with drafting and selection of players. Why are the errors rehashed? Do players not hear him out? Has he not revealed to Shaheen Shah Afridi how to bowl in the death overs?”

Team Mismanagement Issues

The former Test cricketer additionally voiced his reservations at the team management and said he trusts the chief of the team ought to be available amid the drafting and training.

Shoaib Akhtar additionally shared his worries over the effect of the team’s poor performance on the brand.

“Lahore Qalandars is a major brand. On the off chance that we don’t win, the branding will be [adversely] influenced. They have [big] trial programs, they have to get a few wins.”

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