If you’re a foodie, food blogger, Insta-foodie or just curious about anything in food, then They have news for you. Eat Sleep Repeat (ESR) is a Facebook Group of passionate individuals who love their food and share their experience with others.

If you have the ability to keep your dreams alive. And You Understand that to achieve anything you need to trust yourself and along this having a vision, hard work, determination, and dedication would ultimately get you nearer to your goal. Everything is possible and every idea has a potential to thrive until or unless it is your own.

Shabi ul Hasnain: One Man Army Behind ESR

Shaybi Shah did matriculation from Divisional Public School, Lahore. Following his goal, he did Bachelors from Punjab University and then did Masters in Media and Communication from UMT. And is Currently doing Mphil in Media and Communication from UMT.

ESR | Crazistan
ESR | Crazistan

His Achievements

  • Vice president of Modeltown Cafe&Restaurant Union.
  • Started his first restaurant at the age of 18.
  • Studied in Model Section of Punjab College.
  • Running the biggest food forum in Pakistan.


Shaybi Shah did the business of cafes and restaurants for 4years. When He left this business his friends used to ask him to make their reservations to those particular restaurants so that they can avail the discounts and feel privileged. So there popped up the idea of ESR in his mind.

Secondly, On the basis of experience that he has gained, he knew what problems a restaurant owner suffers. So, basically, He wanted to serve both ends being a customer and being an owner.

Being an experienced individual with 4 years in the foodservice industry, He felt the need to change the norm in the marketing trend from paid, biased reviews to a genuine merit-based reviewing system that would benefit not only the food company but the general public, as well.

ESR | Crazistan
ESR | Crazistan

Furthermore, He noticed that access to quality food is an endeavor to many, like students, and so offering them discounts and deals can be a way to expand restaurant consumer base, thus benefiting both edges.

‘Eat in your world, Share in ours’

How it All Get Started?

He started this company from a Facebook group on 3rd of March 2016. And now the Website of Eat Sleep Repeat is also under construction and in the final phase.

The ESR Team

There are 10 members of the Team Eat Sleep Repeat working with Shaybi Shah. There is no pay and they all are passionate food lovers. He always tries to provide them with many perks and incentives for their dedication. Secondly, He keeps on changing and filtering the team members according to the need and potential.

How Did They Strategize All this?

With the count of food places in Lahore exceeding 2000+, there arises the need for promotion of quality food places. ESR helps food vendors meet quality merits either home-based or restaurants to reach out to their targeted audience.

In view to this, members can be able to narrow down the vast variety of food places based on honest reviews of other members regarding taste, service, and affordability; this will make the search for a positive dining experience smooth and efficient.

The Facebook Food Directory

So they Basically are providing the Facebook Directory for Foodies. So that they can provide actually targeted marketing which Facebook fails to do. They want every restaurant of Pakistan on their panel providing discounts as well as being their Digital Marketing Clients.

And those who avail the discounts will be targeted by the ESR Team to do the Target Marketing. Moreover, They help small but standard vendors to compete with the current giants of the restaurant world through the revenue sharing policy of ESR.

Eat Sleep Repeat provides an exposure to newly opened food start-ups meeting the standards set by Team ESR and introduce them to the food lovers.

ESR | Crazistan
ESR | Crazistan

Serving the Humanity in This Way or The Other

Quite Notable and Admirable ESR also has a history of community service activities where quality food had been distributed to the needy locals during the month of Ramadhan.

This Essence of Empathy is not limited to just the holy month, and so Eat Sleep Repeat aims to use their humanitarian services throughout the course of the year in making food not a privilege, but a right for being the basic necessity of Life.

And the best thing is they do not even charge any restaurant for their usual discount marketing. And same goes for the members availing those discounts. As their slogan is, ‘You’re special if you’re a member of ESR’.

Current Projects of ESR

  • They’re doing digital marketing of many eateries.
  • Providing discounts on more than 400 restaurants all over Pakistan.
  • They sponsor many food events.
  • Arrange weekly activities in different restaurants.
  • They organize ESR Food Fiesta (MOB) every month in a different restaurant.
  • They organize a daily contest for free meals.

Future Intents of ESR

  • ESR is planning to organize a food festival in a University then will organize one on the city level.
  • They are planning to open their office and to make ESR and official Digital marketing and PR company.
  • Their website is launching soon and they are planning to launch their mobile application also.
  • They’re planning to expand ESR all over the country.

Team ESR Message

Whether you live to eat or eat to live we got you covered.

If you’re a foodie, food blogger, or just curious about anything in food, then we have news for you. ESR, a group of passionate individuals who love their food and share their experience with others.

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