Asma Jilani Jahangir was a Pakistani human rights lawyer and social activist who co-founded and chaired the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. She was widely known for playing a prominent role in the Lawyers’ Movement and served as a trustee at the International Crisis Group.

She was also termed as the greatest feminism supporter of Pakistan and is also considered as the mentor among Feminists of Pakistan. But On the other side, she was seen in past having great relations with India and thus termed as the traitor at many platforms.

Asma jahangir

Today, In the evening she passed away by cardiac arrest and it was a shock for the people of Pakistan as this was a sudden death. Soon the social media seemed to be flooded with the posts for her condolences and some outraged against her and labeled her with different names.

Some Conflicting Views

Here are some of the depictions of how people had the conflicting views even on her death.


  1. Let’s Start with Mahira Khan who showed her condolences on the loss of both Qazi Wajid and Asma Jahangir

2. While Dr. Rabia termed her as the Pakistani Baal Thackeray..

3. Muniba Mazari called her in a way to term her a source of power and so she quoted:

4. While Someone called her the Iron Lady of Pakistan, who stood against all the odds.

Naz Baloch

5. Naz Baloch a Former PTI member who is now the member of PPP also showed her condolences in a descriptive way.

6. Mehreen Sabtain who works for BOL TV has taken a dig at her and called her fake activist.

Zaid Hamid Zaman

7. The Most Notable social media post is of Zaid Hamid Zaman, who is the Defense Analyst he clearly termed her and her father the traitor and the people used by India.

8. Zaid Hamid Zaman continued…

8. She was a source of inspiration for some people…

9. Another person defined the irony of this whole story in a well descriptive way…

Nevertheless, of what people think, we as a  Muslim and a believer believes that her matter is now up to Allah Almighty and we should not consider ourselves the one to decide her fate, whether she is going to Jannah or Jahannum.

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