Snapchat Revamp Gets Snapped As “Horrendous”


The new Snapchat update is here. Snapchat’s new update may have sent its stock soaring, but the redesign has power users upset.

Increasingly popular among smartphone users, the Snapchat app remains a staple of many a device owner’s days.

Snapchat RevampThe new app aims to separate ‘social’ and ‘media’, creating a clear distinction between interactions with friends and content from publishers and creators. Snapchat had already been announcing and telling users to ”brace their selves” as something really new and different was coming.

After the update, Snapchat still opens to the camera, but swiping left reveals a new ‘Friends’ page, where users see Stories from the friends they talk to the most. This means that chats are merged with stories in them.

When swiping right, comes a Discover view where there are stories from official celebrity accounts, publishers, creators, and community.

In the previous updates, only something that was new was the user interface was ‘beautified’. And the user didn’t worry much. But in this update, it’s very different and somehow difficult as well. Earlier when swiped left on the main screen of the app (open camera), chats, arranged chronologically, appeared. But now the stories are merged within the chats. This also means that users having chats most recent will be shown their friends’ stories otherwise it would be troublesome in opening stories.

Also, when swiped right, all recently updated stories appeared which were also arranged according to the time they were updated.

Company Stocks Soared

Snapchat shares cuts to 50%
courtesy: Business Insider

The company’s stocks soared by almost 50% in the market by Wednesday, 7th Feb’18 afternoon, one day after the update was deployed.

Petitions FiledSnapchat old version is demanded by user

WEST FIFE, UK schools have been urged to take steps to warn pupils and parents about a Snapchat feature which allows users to search posts from schools listed as locations. Dunfermline Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) Shirley-Anne Somerville has raised her concerns after fellow MSP Kevin Stewart launched a petition urging the social media app to remove schools from the search facility.

After researching the issue, Miss Somerville discovered that a number of local high schools are listed as locations on the app and she has contacted them and Fife Council in her efforts to highlight the dangers.

People are also filing petitions against Snapchat to help them downgrade the application back to the previous versions officially as they are not happy with the latest update.

Bad User Reviews

Users have started writing bad reviews on the new update saying “It’s horrendous“, “Hate it!” etc

A Snapchat user goes on to explain that she expects to only “see articles there. Now you have completely changed it up by mixing articles with my contacts’ stories. It’s not moving the article to the bottom of the page when I’m done with it, as it was previously. Similarly, I see a bunch of new celebs and public figures’ stories      are now in my discover section under the guise of ‘popular story’.”

One Snapchat fan tweeted: “Just randomly updated even though I didn’t want the update, sorry but it’s really annoying please bring back the old Snapchat!”

Twitterati reaction was like a storm… 

Here We Go The Snapchat Revamp

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