Top 5 Inventions in 2017

Einstein said, “Necessity is a mother of all inventions”. Yes, necessity and need make us think of different ideas to fulfill our needs. Science and technology have always played part in inventing different things with unique ideas. 2017 has also given us many inventions.

Here is a list of top 5 inventions of 2017.

ESight 3 

ESights are electronic glasses with which legal blinds can see the world. They can experience the vision of life. Esight have a high-quality camera that captures the live video then send it to a controller, the controller then processes the video with some advanced algorithms and at last displaying it two small LED, enabling the legally blinds become enable to see.

Sony Experia Touch 

It is a device that can make every surface into a 23-inch projector. Experia touch uses a camera and infrared light to detect the touch and swipe actions. The projector has an android operating system which enables a user to download apps from google store.

Ember Mug 

Stainless steel mug developed by Ember Technologies. The mug keeps the coffee or tea warm between the temperatures of 120F – 145F. The temperature is controlled by a mobile app. This mug is currently being sold by star bucks at price of $4600.

Tesla Solar Roof 

The cost has always been an issue for many people in applying solar power systems. If applied, the appearance of the house become somehow ugly. So now Tesla has solved these issues and developed tiles that have solar power system in them. These tiles now make your house presentable and provide solar energy.

Smile Mirror 

How do you look when feeling miserable? Definitely not good. Now with smile mirror, you cannot see yourself when unhappy because it becomes reflective only when you smile. This mirror has a camera that uses face detection technology and makes mirror reflective when someone smiles. So smile and look!