It checked out. So we were curious, what makes coworking space? Actually, coworking space is shared place (office) with a diverse member of freelancers, remote workers and independent professionals which shapes up to a community.  Mainly it attracted to those who work-at-home, worked in isolation. A group shared their interests, ideas & thoughts among a community. Moreover, it is an ultimate solution for freelancer’s problem who needs an office environment as well as isolation. It varies person to person, some people don’t want to get themselves distracted in-home activity.


The concept of coworking space initiated in San Francisco in 2005. Secondly, it is a platform for collaborative spirits. There you might find potential freelancers, remote workers, and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who just need a workspace where they share their values with a community. However, coworking is far different from incubators, startups & business accelerators. The things are pacing like rabbits, so, in this scenario coworking is the future. Asia is one of the influenced markets for coworking space in coming days whereas Europe and America are already rejoicing in this business.


On the other hand, the scope of entrepreneurship is making new way especially, changing drastically in Pakistan. There is a long queue of successful startup, incubator & business accelerators which let the entrepreneurs showcase a platform for those who want to work in a collaborative environment. They’ve revolutionized the working model and brought life to many communities and cities, changing them for the better.