Germany’s BMW plans to build battery-powered MINI in a joint project with China’s local car company Great Wall Motors China.

MINI is British automotive company that is owned by BMW since 2000. The mini was replaced by the previous names “Austin Mini” and “Morris Mini”.

The German-based company in advanced discussion with China’s local car company Great Wall Motors. “It would be a new joint venture” as said in a statement. It would be a first time a MINI car to be made built outside Europe.


Amid speculations of the joint venture, the shares of Great Wall Motors surged to 14 percent. This is the record rise in shares of Chinese motor company. Due to this surge, the Great Wall Motors had to suspend the activities of a day.

Whereas the BMW shares slipped to 0.8percent on Thursday, according to a report.


At present BMW is building cars locally in collaboration with Brilliance China Automotive Holdings. The company has planned to make 12 cars that are entirely electric powered to be manufactured by the year 2025. Those incorporate battery-powered variations of standard models like the X3 SUV and additionally the futuristic, self-driving iNext. BMW initially chose Oxford for setting up manufacturing plants of electric MINI and alternatives plants were established in Germany and Netherlands. Last year BMW sold 5,60,000 cars in China, that almost the double of it standard sales in China.


There won’t be any great impact on UK factories because the cars manufactured in China will be sold in only Chinese markets. China has a great number of consumers of MINI that’s why this joint venture will make the car available may be at low cost to Chinese consumers.

This announcement just gave a signal to the government that MINI cars are capable of doing business anywhere in the world with a favourable business climate.


Air pollution is nowadays one of the biggest issues around the globe. One of the main major factors that affect the air around us is the release of pollutants like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the vehicles. These pollutants are affecting the human and animal life.

Air pollution causes numerous cardiovascular and lungs problems in humans.

Role of electric cars in preventing air pollution:

Cars that run on fuel like gasoline, diesel etc emits a high amount of dangerous pollutants. Now air pollution can be prevented by electric-powered cars.