Indians are trolling PSL all over the twitter due to the short attendance of crowd at the stadium. 

PSL is the second most successful cricket league after India’s IPL. PSL has attracted many foreign players like Kevin Pietersen, JP Duminy, and Imran Tahir. However, there are also other players playing in the league. Pakistan has taken this step after a long work and brainstorming.

PSL was successful in attracting the crowd at the opening ceremony where the Pakistani colors and cultures were witnessed by many. PSL 3 is underway in Dubai. Now from today, the matches are shifted to Sharjah. Sharjah will get PSL matches good crowd. Similarly, It’s been like the home ground to Pakistan and has witnessed more matches as compared to the other stadiums. Nevertheless, Miandad’s last ball six-match was also played here.

Crazy Jealous Indian Twitterati :

Indians have gone all crazy after seeing the success of PSL. Are you getting jealous?


In the meantime, dear Indians let me remind you that your IPL is played at your home ground whereas Pakistan has made a presence at international level. However, our country was in crisis and we have controlled it. Final of PSL 2 was played in Lahore with a full house. Moreover, if you want to see crowd then wait for the playoffs to be played in Lahore and final in Karachi with a full house. Ultimately, the day entire PSL come to Pakistan guaranteed your IPL will go behind it.

Apart from that, Pakistanis remind you one thing you lost champions trophy not only to Pakistan but also to the young talented blood came from the PSL.


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