Bashir Ahmad : The GodFather of MMA in Pakistan


Bashir Ahmad is known as the GodFather of MMA in Pakistan for his servings in the sports of wrestling in his country.

GodFather of Pakistan’s Mixed Martial Arts

In Pakistan, MMA is growing under the watchful eyes of a close-knit circle that surrounds Bashir.

Ahmad is an expressive man with a Bachelor’s degree in Global Affairs from George Mason University and a Master’s in practice science from the California University of Pennsylvania.

He filled in as a surgeon in the Army from 2002 through 2008 amid the Iraq War.

MMA | Pakistan | Crazistan
MMA | Pakistan | Crazistan

Ahmad portrays himself as a “phenomenally mind-boggling” person with self-important plans for his future.

He’s now known as the Father of MMA in Pakistan, where he was conceived in 1982.

Return to Pakistan

Short yet extreme and valour like a fighting bull, the Pakistani-American previous warrior served the US Army in Iraq before dedicating himself to hand to hand fighting,

Took an MMA course in Thailand where he partook in his first amateur bouts under the name “Somchai”, signifying “man” in Thai.

In 2009, the 32-year-old came back to Pakistan, opened his own gym and started to organize “outrageous battle” in metal enclosures, sowing the seeds of an underground scene.

Foundation of Pakistan MMA

Bashir Ahmad laid the foundations of Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan with his arrival in Pakistan in 2007. The purpose of Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan was to promote all martial arts and combat sports in the country while mainly focusing on MMA. Working on his purpose, he went around whole country organizing seminars mostly for BJJ and MMA and helped in conducting the very first MMA fighting events.

MMA | Pakistan | Crazistan
MMA | Pakistan | Crazistan

One Championship Career

Bashir Ahmad was the first Pakistani to battle MMA on the global stage when he made his presentation in ONE Championship by battling Shannon Wiratchai at ONE Championship: Kings and Champions on April 5, 2013.

Ahmad got a cut in the first round however specialists let the battle proceed and Ahmad won his first battle with a consistent decision.

At ONE Championship: Champions and Warriors, he lost by Bruno Pucci who holds a dark belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.He battled Tanaphong Khunhankaew at ONE FC: Roar of the Tigers and won by submitting him with a Rear bare stifle.

In ONE Championship: Valor of Champions, Bashir Ahmad ventured into battle Amir Khan Ansari on a 3-day see when Shannon Wiratchai, a unique adversary of Khan was injured. Bashir Ahmad lost that battle by TKO on Doctor’s Stoppage. Bashir Ahmad was planned to battle Martin Nguyen at ONE Championship: Odyssey of Champions, but the fight was canceled when Jadamba Narantungalag couldn’t appear to fight for the main title match and Martin Nguyen took his place.

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