The 4 new Mi-35M heavy assault helicopters had been ordered from Russia in 2015. Russian advance attacked helicopters is on dispatch to Pakistan Army. 10th April report by the Quawa Protection Information & Evaluation Group confirmed about the receiving of crazy Mi-35s has been started to Pakistan Military Aviation Corp (PAAC).

A video shows a glimpse of the beast Mi-35 helicopter in PAAC colours flying in Pakistan. Secondly, the inclusion of helicopter-related gears like import-export logs along with ammunition exported by Rosoboronexport to Pakistan Military in early April as proof.

Mi-35M Advance Attacked Helicopters from Russian to Pakistan Army

PAAC has already 4 Mi-35M helicopters formally handed over by Russia in August 2017. “The contract was signed, we obtained all 4 vehicles [Mi-35Ms] and now we get new gear,” Brigadier Basic Waheed Mumtaz of Pakistan’s Protection Export Promotion Group stated in Moscow on the time. Nonetheless, this supply doubtless happened in Russia and the precise switch of the helicopter gunships happened at an unknown later date.

Moscow and Islamabad made this deal in $153 million helicopter deal. Chief Of Military Employees (COAS) Raheel Sharif went to Russia in June 2016. An initial contract was signed on the Pakistan Military Headquarters in Rawalpindi in August 2015.

Why Mi-35M Helicopters?

Moreover, the Mi-35M is ideally suited to function in Pakistan’s tough terrain. The Mi-35M boasts enhanced flight capabilities and can be operated at high temperatures and in mountainous terrain.

Mi-35M Advance Attacked Helicopters from Russian to Pakistan Army

The Mi-35M attack helicopter is the export model of the Mi-24 gunship developed by a Russian company. It has been produced since 2005. This helicopter is one of its kind can be operational for an attack flights at really lower altitudes 10-25m and 50m for daytime and night respectively. Similarly, when it comes to a lifting of weight there’s no better option than Mi-35M. It is carrying 1500 kg internally and 2500 kg externally.

Nevertheless, the Mi-35M is armed with a mounted twin-barrel GSh-23V 23 millimetre cannon and 80 and 120-millimetre rockets. In addition to anti-tank guided missiles. However, Pakistan Navy expressed to expand the Mi-35M helicopters in their fleet. They are expecting as much as 20 new crazy beasts in years forward.

Mi-35M Advance Attacked Helicopters from Russian to Pakistan Army

Eventually, this craziest beast ties the knot even stronger between two countries; Pakistan and Russia. This kind of gesture is really positive for the strengthening of relationships. Ultimately, Pakistan Army needs attacking capabilities especially when foreign countries are funding terrorism in Pakistan. Therefore, these assault helicopters boost the defensive and ambush the terrorism at a quicker pace.

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