A politician for Germany’s far-right Alternative für Deutschland party, Wagner embraced Islam and resigned from the party.

When you are in Politics, your job is to work for or against someone/public. Great politicians always work for the public. It has been defined almost in every religions’ book to serve the public.

A Private Matter

You will get more attention when you are working against of something. Islam is such a beautiful religion that it never compress anyone, Arthur Wagner. A leading member of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in the eastern state of Brandenburg since 2015. AfD has more recently campaigned on anti-immigrant, anti-Islam platform, strongly criticized decision allowing more than a million refugees into Germany in 2015.

Arthur Wagner become a part of muslims
Arthur Wagner

Wagner embraced Islam and resigned from the party, reported earlier this month. While talking to media, Wagner didn’t respond to most of the questions related “converted to Islam”. He refused by saying a private matter.

Be a Muslim and nonpartisan

“Islam does not belong to Germany.”, One of the AfD’s key principles.

Although, Islam is growing at its regular pace. People are working against Muslims, not allowing them to enter their country. They seem to be afraid of giving citizenship in their boundaries.

Islam, a noble religion teaching that there is only one God and that Muhammad is a messenger of God. A religion that never forces anyone to accept this. It is a human nature what they believe in and how they are going to follow their beliefs.

“Lots of Muslims in Germany are well integrated. Islam itself is not part of German culture”, Kalbitz reported CNN. A point he reiterated in a Facebook post-Wednesday.

“We regard Islam as a religious-political doctrine that runs counter to our German cultural identity,” he wrote. Warning against the development of “Islamic parallel societies” while insisting his party supports freedom of belief.

 Surely We have revealed to you [O Muhammad!] the Book for the people with truth; so whoever follows the right way, it is for his own soul, and whoever goes astray, he goes astray only to its detriment; and you have not been put in charge of them (39.41).

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