25-December it is and a day of giving and receiving greetings from others. A day of blessing and a day of happiness. It’s a day of Christmas.



The date of birth of Jesus is still unknown but in the fourth century, the Western Church announced to hold the Jesus Christ’s birth anniversary on 25-December. It was accepted and adopted by all the Christians around the world. 25 December is declared as a public holiday in all Christian’s countries.

Jesus Christ

Santa Claus:

Back in the 4th century, there was a bishop named St. Nicholas that was a very generous person. His parents died and left a large amount of money to him when he was young.

He was very kind to the public and gave presents to them. There are many stories that tell about the kindness of him. He was made Saint because of his kindness.

In USA St Nicholas was known as ‘Kris Kringle’. Dutch’s took the story of ‘Kris Kringle’ and St. Nicholas and the name later took another form that is ‘Santa Claus’.

Traditions in Different Countries

United States:

In America Christians go to churches to celebrate the day. Houses are decorated inside and outside. And Santa Claus sculpture or snowman are kept outside. Decorated Christmas trees are kept inside the houses. Cookies are baked and served to children. Turkey is most commonly served at the dinner.


The UK is the region that first used the concept of writing letters on Christmas.

Streets are decorated with lights that are switched on by some famous personality. The big ‘Switch On’ takes place in the beginning of November.


Christians go to churches to celebrate Christmas.Sweets and cookies are served to the children’s. The UK is also famous for Christmas cake that is basically a fruitcake.

A traditional meal includes Turkey and roasted vegetables. A meal is served at lunchtime.

Boxing Day is also historically associated with the UK. It takes place on 26th December and on this day collection boxes kept for poor’s in churches are opened and distributed.


Germany is well known for Christmas Markets where german decorations like glass ornaments are sold.

Christmas Market, Germany

Santa Clause brings Christmas present for the children’s on 24th December.

Star singers to house to house to sing songs and celebrating Christmas to them.

Ski jumping tournament takes place in Germany on 29th and 30th December.

Carp or Goose are often served for the main Christmas meal.