Twitter slammed Armeena Khan on rumored PadMan Ban in Pakistan. Janaan’s actress suggested that “Periods are not a big deal.”

Armeena Khan along Sanam Saeed
courtesy: veryFilmi

Armeena Khan just expressed her feelings on twitter about Akshay Kumar’s PadMman which is going to be ban in Pakistan. PadMan, which is a biopic on Noble Prize winner who invented lost cost pads for woman hygiene during their periods.

Here petrol poured on fire 

All hell broke free on Twitter!

Secondly, her followers reacted to the statement she made, “It’s not a big deal” and disagree with her aspect. Actually, her followers seem PadMan as a taboo topic didn’t discuss openly.

Girl Power!!!

and more…

People feel such topics are taboo, no one can talk about.Well, we have to break this barrier in a witty manner.

Some of the attacks on Armeena were quite vicious but she assured her trolls that she has plenty of support too:

Ultimate she yielded…

Given that they are experienced by half the population (some male wags would argue “all”) – and a quarter of women of reproductive age are menstruating at any one time – why are periods still such a taboo, still so unspeakable, even in Western societies, even among females?

Surveys routinely suggest that women are even uncomfortable discussing the subject with their family, mother and sisters included. The collective silence suggests that periods sit somewhere between Bermuda triangle excruciating gore-fest or moon-goddess mysticism, rather than the mundane bodily function that they are.

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