Worst Effects of Using Snapchat!!! Must Read


Don’t Snap! Live the moment

Now it’s a known fact that social media has revolutionized the world. It all started with Facebook. Now the billion dollar companies hire engineers to make a platform to attract public and make them addicted to their app. Snapchat is also one of them. It introduced the concept of erasing the snaps after 24 hours. And this thing attracted the audience and made them addicted to snapchat.

Now people don’t live and enjoy the moments but gets busy and start snapping. Following are a different kind of occasions and places on which snapchat don’t let you live moments.

Snaps in Concert:

This is also very common that when people go to a concert they start uploading the snaps of the concert. It’s sometimes very annoying that your friends have uploaded a snap of a concert but you couldn’t even get a word of it Worst Effects of Using Snapchat!!! Must Readbecause of a loud sound that mobile can’t record properly. These friends should know that they should live and enjoy the concert and you’ll go and listen to your favorite singer live yourself.

This is also pretty embarrassing that when some friends go to a concert and everyone wants to enjoy the concert with each other. One of them talk or pass a comment on the singer or arrangements and after the entire talk realized that the person he/she talking to was busy in snapping and everything spoke was of no value but snapchat was important. In this way, the other person might feel ashamed and disrespected.

Enjoy the concert look around you maybe you’d find your soul mate.

Snaps in Restaurants:

Worst Effects of Using Snapchat!!! Must Read

This mostly happens at the restaurants when your friend’s hungry all the way to the restaurant and couldn’t breathe because of it. While ordering waiters are asked to serve as fast as possible because your friend’s dying because of hunger. When the orders are served hunger disappears somewhere, the smartphones come out snapchat opens up then snaps filters discussions on which filter would be better.  In the meantime the food becomes cold, How good is that to snap the food besides eating and enjoying its taste?

Just enjoy your food no one’s interested in what you are eating. Everyone knows how a burger and pizza looks like.

Snaps While Driving:

Cruise but don’t Snap!

At present snapchat is one of the main reasons for road accidents. This is because while cruising, from nowhere a thought comes why not increase the

Worst Effects of Using Snapchat!!! Must Readspeed to 180km/h and snap it? This thought has given rise to many fatal car accidents and this is increasing day by day. This happened in US state Georgia where a woman crashed her Mercedes into another car while using snapchat and critically injuring the other driver who spent some days in coma.

Some people are fond of driving and want to drive as much as they can. It’s now very often that they turn the music up and start snapping while cruising. No one cares which song you’re hearing and where you’re going. Just enjoy your drive!

Snapping in Bed

The habit of reading the book, talking to someone, or listening music before going to bed has taken over by snapchat. Most teens go to bed and start using snapchat for hours seeing and commenting on other people’s snaps that last until 3 in the morning and also wasting time on snapping there sleepy face and captioning  “couldn’t sleep”. How could you sleep like this?

Worst Effects of Using Snapchat!!! Must ReadSame happens in the morning when just wake up and start using snapchat and looking what others have posted and winds up snapping the window and putting good morning sticker.

Some people have now started to snap sex. Come on! Really? But still, No one is interested to interfere in your private life you are exposing your own self by this cheap publicity of your assets.

Just enjoy whatever you are doing!

Snapping Every Second:

Why do you think that anyone is interested in seeing every second of your life, seriously? Let me tell you first you are not Leonardo Dicaprio or Chris Martin for whom the public is dying and want to know, what do they do in daily life? What is their lifestyle? No one wants to know where you go or meet anyone you are not a celebrity and let me tell you another thing the people in your views have surely just tapped to finish your story quickly to move on to another.

Just enjoy your day and don’t make other annoy!