In this article, we have tried to quote some of the funniest social media moments When Pakistanis Won the Internet as they never fail to impress everyone with the kind of trolling skills they have.

In the past few decades, seemingly after the partition regardings arts and culture, India has surpassed us in many fields like music, singing, cinematography etc. On another hand, we have also beaten them quite well in the drama industry coupled with comedy industry.

India is nowhere near us quite significantly in Comedy as we have produced some of the greatest comedians that even India has not witnessed even before the partition like Munawar Zareef (Late), Moin Akhter (late) and the Living Legend Umar Sharif etc.

Here are some proofs that how Pakistanis never fall short in winning the internet at times and coming up with funny stuff always.

10. Nasir Jamshed Parody Account

9.  This Man Trolling Sahir Lodhi

8. Someone is Very Much Obsessed of Yahya Hussaini

7. JustPakistaniThings

6.#ProudPakistanis!!Pakistanis Won the Internet

5. Well, this is Not a Good Joke. XD XD

Pakistanis Won the Internet

4. Wayyyy Out of Ethics….

Pakistanis Won the Internet

3. Shahid Afridi At His Best… (Pakistanis Won)

Pakistanis Won the Internet

2. So You Want 33 Billion?? Mr. Trump

1. A Dig At “BURGERS”?? Maybe. XD

Pakistanis Won the Internet

This is quite an honor for us to witness the comedians of current time carrying the legacy all over the world and making us proud everywhere.

Keeping in mind all these things it never impresses us much that how our common people are hilariously talented and have a great sense of humor when it comes to trolling or making a meme or cracking the jokes uniquely. Actually, Comedy is our Natural as well as National Talent. So Usually Pakistanis Won the Internet

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