Pakistanis Celebrated This Valentine in Quite A Different Way!!


In speculation to the “out of boundary” kind of celebration of Pakistanis on Valentine’s Day, the government of Pakistan issued a warning to not to promote Valentine’s Day by any means. The notification is also served to the TV channels further.


A notification issued by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority’s (PEMRA) Operation Wing today (Wednesday) has barred all the licensed channels and networks from promoting Valentines Day in Pakistan.

No Valentines Day

There was an outrage on social media following that Notification. Some of the people called it a good approach to keeping the things good in accordance with the basis of Islam as according to them we are the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Others considered it an attack on Freedom of Expression.

But as Valentine Day arrived as Pakistanis never fail to entertain everyone with the Golden sense of humor they possess. So Twitter was full of such things and some very intellectual kind of tweets that were loved by everyone. So let’s begin with tweets collected by Team Crazistan.

  1. This Girl showed us the Islamic Kind of Celebration of Valentine’s Day

2. So Many of Us Celebrated the Wednesday Actually…

3. Everyone has his/her own priorities but this seems to be a compliment to Smokers.

4. Well, this Man is Living in Some Parallel World of Intellectualism. So So Deep.

5. But Yes All these occasions initiates a Food Hunt for Foodies.

6. We Singles have celebrated this Valentine’s Day the same way Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad is Doing!! XD

7. This Way or the Other!! Just Hillarious!!

Real Date

8. The Guy has Taken the Literal Meaning of “DATE”

9. This Pakistani Guy Justified loneliness on the Day in a quite legit way…

10. Yes According to Most Passionate Football Fans, their club is their Valentine

Well, The positive vibe is all went well today, nothing bad happened or any kind of clash between media and government is not seen which is a good thing. These kinds of Days will come and go but let us show unity on at least on the days on which our celebrations are same and we are agreed upon to make this country Pakistan a place of peace and harmony.


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