(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction:E-Commerce in Pakistan


“E-commerce is a powerful tool to stimulate economic activity, effort, innovation and entrepreneurship across all sectors of the economy”

The 21st century is called the Century of Technology. We witnessed the birth a rise of the Internet revolutionizes the whole world. We also witness the rise of social media and electronic media. There was a new concept of e-commerce (electronic commerce) or Electronic Market. This concept takes place in 1972 when students of “Stanford Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence” and “Massachusetts Institution of Technology” introduced this concept And Michael Aldrich demonstrates first Online shopping in 1979. In 1990 Tim Berners Lee writes first web Browser WWW.com and the history is quite long.

However, we saw Amazon and Alibaba as online stores who changed the concept of Shopping. So you can buy anything while sitting at home. In Pakistan this concept took shape late longhand in 2013 we came to know about Daraz.Pk and then Yayvo.com and they get appreciation from people.  As Daraz.pk and Kaymu earned 1B in 2016 Black Friday and Yayvo managed to sale 60,000 products but the problem is, they lack in quality.

Daraz.Pk Black Friday Sale 2016

Amazon may be the biggest and busiest e-commerce company in the U.S., but China’s Alibaba delivers way more packages. In 2015 Jack Ma shows his interest to start Alibaba in Pakistan. Nevertheless, the rumors going around that Alibaba group willing to pay $150 Million for Daraz.Pk when he asked about his company’s plans for the year.“We want to look for partners and empower them to be powerful,” Jack Ma said.

Why Pakistan needs Alibaba?

Alibaba’s Single Day 2017

Pakistan’s public shows great interest in e-commerce. It added up to USD$100m to the economy. Alibaba is world most powerful e-commerce tool and surely the best. If Alibaba added to Pakistan’s online market it would boost up to $1Billion by 2020 and it would be a great kick off. Planet N and Karandaaz, two organizations working to boost e-commerce in Pakistan, held a joint workshop (Cracking E-Commerce 2.0) in Karachi in November last year to build industry consensus on several issues. But for now, we have to wait for the best. Apart from that Alibaba’s Single Day 2017 by the numbers: A Record $25 Billion Haul!

So hail to the gladiators of e-commerce and best of luck for 2018.