Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif named the new president of the PMLN. He is named to take PMLN out of crises.

Pakistan’s largest political party had to face a situation first when the sitting prime minister was sent home and second when the disqualified was disqualified again from holding a position of a party by the supreme court of Pakistan.

A controversy was created when the respectable constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was amended to make a disqualified person head of a political party. This step promoted a dynastic political culture in Pakistan because a PM was disqualified for holding work and residential permit of UAE and corruption cases were being heard in national accountability bureau of Pakistan. PMLN who are in majority in National Assembly put forward a resolution to permit a convicted and disqualified to head a political party.

Names of Former Prime Minister’s wife Kulsoom Nawaz is also being considered for the post of head of PMLN along with CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. Shahbaz Sharif who’s known as the ‘Khadim e Aala’ is now named the interim president of the ruling party.

NAB case against Shahbaz Sharif:

Some few dews ago, the DG LDA Ahad Cheema was arrested on corruption allegations in the projects initiated by CM Shahbaz. It’s being predicted by analysts that these cases may end up on proving CM guilty of wrongdoings in the megaprojects. A general perception of Shahbaz was shattered by these NAB cases.

Crazy Reaction on Twitter:

The decision was being expected but still, Twitterati goes crazy on this decision because of the corruption charges in megaprojects.