Reham Khan Badly Humiliated for Manipulating Story


Reham Khan has holds the art to stay in limelight and thus is very active on social media too. She sometimes humiliated badly on the manipulation of different stories.

The Ex-Wife of PTI Chairman Imran Khan is Pro-Active in Politics after her divorce. And has recently impersonated as a spokesperson of PMLN at many forums by the PTI people and has influenced many people with her political role.

She has now become a great critique of PTI and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government and never leaves the opportunity to criticise PTI chairman and KP government policies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Reham Khan Concern

Quite Recently, the Same incident has happened when she tweeted about Unemployed Engineers of KPK and talked about their protest which according to her are not treated well by the authorities.

But her real concern was Media is not paying attention to that protest which is alarming.

Reham Khan stated,”15000 qualified engineers protest on the streets of Peshawar but their joblessness is blacked out by the media & their pleas ignored by the party of youth.”

According to her, Party of Youth PTI is not paying attention to joblessness in the province.

But to her bad, she caught red-handed at this time when Mehmood Jan make a dig at her by terming it a false claim. And asking her which KPK is she talking about.

Bureau Chief Response

He said,”In which Peshawar? The KP Wala or somewhere in China? How we, media men, can be blamed for a thing which didn’t happen in our city. Can you pls check the city name again.”

Mehmood Jan is a Bureau Chief of Geo News Peshawar and is known to be a senior journalist with a keen eye on Peshawar City Issues and Government Policies and Activities in the Province.

After his tweet, she somehow slightly felt embarrassed, but to stick with her stance she being a critique criticised him in response that Geo News Chief should be more vigilant regarding issues of Peshawar City and claimed it a less attentive behavior of the Chief.

Reham Khan Humiliated Badly | Crazistan
Reham Khan Humiliated Badly | Crazistan

Covering Embarrassment

She said,”Maybe Peshawar Bureau of Geo/Jang needs to read the nation regularly then like I do :)”. And quoted The Nation news about the Joblessness of Engineers in KPK.

Reham Khan always stays in the news for her statements against PTI led KPK Government and often gets the hate by the PTI supporters for her changed attitude towards PTI as is being considered as the supporter of PMLN.


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