Who is Lubna Cheema?? The Trend Taking Twitter By Storm


Lubna Cheema Pregnancy (#LubnaCheemaPregnancy) trend has taken Twitter by storm this evening.

This was a trend against Lubna Cheema allegedly initiated by PTI social media team according to Umar Cheema and his companions in response to his venomous campaign against PTI chairman Imran Khan.

Umer Cheema is “The News” Analyst and Journalist from years and also worked for ICIJ and appreciated for his work.

But According to “PTI Walas” he always tries to make up the story against Imran Khan which is painful as well as conspiracy to defame the PTI’s Chairman.

Recently The News broke a NEWS that Imran Khan married Bushra Bibi during her “Iddat” period which is nevertheless a personal attack. The Man who broke this NEWS was Umar Cheema.

Lubna Cheema | Crazistan
Lubna Cheema | Crazistan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf followers termed it as an irresponsible showcase of Journalism by Umar Cheema and make a dig at him. But soon an unknown account named Lubna Cheema appeared on Twitter which started this #LubnaCheemaPregnancy trend.

It was clearly mentioned on that account that Umar Cheema devises his own stories and this is our story.

Seemingly, it was quite painful but then it was cleared by Umar Cheema’s friends that Umer Cheema has no daughter named so. So it was Just a Troll.

But According to Lubna Cheema fake account, though it was a fictional character, it is a warning call to Umer Cheema.

Umar Cheema also aware the people who are trending against him that he is going to report it in FIA.

Most of the PTI’s People have condemned this trend.

Some people asked other to stop this trend as this is not the PTI mentality and this is not a good tradition to meddle in someone’s private life.

While some people even made memes on that trend. And a Twitter Guy claimed Mia Khalifa, the Umer Cheema’s Daughter.

And some even generated Fake Screenshots of Lubna Cheema | CrazistanTwitter Handler claiming Lubna Cheema his daughter.

The Thing is we should demote such things and such culture. Besides all the political differences. These Things should not be promoted in any case.

If someone had interfered in Imran Khan’s personal life and allegedly made a fake story then being a responsible citizen don’t reply them with same abusive mindset.

And this approach will prove you more truthful and would be the contribution towards a better Pakistan.


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