“Internet is a Special Project of the CIA” – Vladimir Putin


Vladimir Putin considers Internet the Special Project of the CIA and he considered it a half pornography in terms of the freedom it provides.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on last Thursday that he doesn’t have a smartphone, subsequent to uncovering a year ago that he has no enthusiasm for joining any online social media system.

At a meeting with scientists and academics, Putin made the admission in response to a speech by Mikhail Kovalchuk, head of the Kurchatov nuclear research institute, while traveling in Siberia ahead of March 18 polls in which he is seeking a fourth term in the Kremlin.

“You said that everyone has smartphones. But I don´t have a smartphone,” Putin said, to laughter in the audience. He responded to a comment from Kovalchuk that “everyone has a smartphone in their pocket.”

Crazistan | Putin | CIA Secret Weapon
Crazistan | Putin | CIA Secret Weapon

The 65-year-old granddad has beforehand admitted – saying in 2005 that he didn’t have an even a cell phone.

A year ago while meeting schoolchildren, Putin revealed to them he scarcely utilizes the web, after being asked as to whether he surf at Instagram or other social media networking sites in his extra time.

“I for one for all intents and purposes don’t utilize this,” Putin said of the internet, adding that his staff members use such things.

“My working day completes so late, I’m not up to Instagram,” he said.

Putin is often compared with 52-year-old Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who is frequently observed with an iPhone and different contraptions and sets up his own images on his authority Instagram page.

Crazistan | Putin | CIA Secret Weapon
Crazistan | Putin | CIA Secret Weapon

In past years, Putin has guaranteed that the web is a “secret venture of the CIA” and “half pornography”.

Since his arrival to the Kremlin in 2012, Putin has regulated a cruel crackdown on freedom of the internet, acquiring laws to enable locales with professedly radical substance to be hindered without a court order and prosecuting a growing number of people for posting online.

Russia condemned 43 individuals to imprison over online posts a year ago, a human rights organization said on Monday.

The web stays one of the nation’s couples of discussions for political open deliberation and Kremlin pundit Alexei Navalny has won a young after with live video sites and YouTube recordings.

The internet remains one of the country´s few forums for political debate and Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has won a youth following with live video blogs and YouTube videos.

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