How Can We Help Syrians?? Answer to the Most Asked Question!!


As We were scrolling through Social Media We came across many people asking us for the authenticated ways to help Syrians and most of them are asking for how to help people of specifically Ghouta, Currently, the war affected the city.

Team Crazistan has gathered some authenticated ways to help Syrians. Do Pay Attention:

Dr. Shuja ul Islam and His Authenticity

We then came across a man named Dr. Shuja ul Islam, who is a Medical doctor trained in the UK and A humanitarian aid worker in Northern Syria.

Dr. Islam also worked as a doctor at St Bart’s hospital. Dr. Islam keeps updating people around the globe through his twitter account. And asks people for financial aid for medical equipment and food.

Many celebrities of Pakistan have also contacted and donated on his website as he keeps posting updates of the aid he receives.

He said, I will show you the evidence again and again, but you know what? The world doesn’t care and no-one is doing anything,’

‘We urge you to put pressure on your government – put pressure on anyone – to help us.’

Dr. Islam also shared a video about receiving Aid in Syria.

One Nation  (UK based charity) is collecting donations on behalf of Medical Aid Syria to buy the most needed medical equipment in Syria. You can visit the Website to donate directly there.

If you are a UK Citizen then a special gift along with your donation will also be sent to the Medical Aid Syria

Footage of A Boy Asking For Food

This Video of a boy emotionally moved the people around the globe and salute to the South Africans who did the most donations.

Save Our Syria – Another Authenticated Organization

In affiliation with, Save Our Syria is also running a campaign to raise the funds for war-affected Syrians.

You can donate them by visiting the link:

Colors of Hope – South African Fund Raiser

Colors of Hope is a nonprofit aid organization in South Africa. Their Slogan is “Let’s turn hope into reality” and they are also doing so and you can also donate through them. This is keenly watched by South African Government as well.

You can use any of these platforms and the one you feel trustworthy to help your Syrian Muslim Brothers and Sisters even a penny can make a difference. So Try to participate for this greater cause.

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