Trump pours petrol on fire after declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital.

Declaring Jerusalem as capital of Israel

The US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he had “Declared it is the time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

and notify the US government to move the US embassy from  Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Tear gas on Protestors

Trump declaration of capital leads a protest against him, 10 wounded during the protest. Israeli Soldiers fired tear gas, rubber bullets and one was injured by live fire.

Holy Mosque in Jerusalem

On the other hand, Deployment of extra troops in the West Bank resulted. Gaza Strip also surrounded protest to streets.

Secondly, Washington Allies also disagree the move by Trump. UN and Arab League will be meeting in coming days.

The violence outbreak. The terrorist group “Hamas” called for  a new intifada (uprising) and said:

“The gate of hell will be opened soon for them.”

Apart from that, This will be declared as the “SLAP OF THE CENTURY” in future. As they violate 1980 UN Resolution regarding states of the city. First of all, this can not be possible due to a semantic barrier, isn’t a solution. So the Palestine don’t accept this. the peace is something different, has to be made between two people, it is not like that one will become angry and other feel grateful. Eventually, it will affect the US in the form of terrorism.