In Pakistan, Many Young Social Media Activists are playing the Great role in promoting awareness among the nation regarding some very basic social and national issues. And the way they are delivering their thinking to the people of has surely a notable impact.

Team Crazistan got the honor to interview two of such emerging jewels and we feel the privilege to asked them about their Journeys. Mohtashim Raza Khokhar and Ali Ahmad Awan are those two personalities.

Social Media Activism

Lets first we introduce you to the term social media activism.Social Media Activism is the use of electronic communication technologies such as social media, e-mail, and podcasts for various forms of activism to enable faster and more effective communication by citizen movement

Ali Ahmad Awan – Motivational Speaker/Youtuber

  • Ali Ahmad Awan has his own unique way of delivering the motivational speeches and whenever you would hear him you will witness this thing yourself and we think this is one of the reasons he gained great recognition among the people in very early age.

Ali got the award for BEST YOUNG SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVIST AWARD and is one of the Very Young Motivational Speaker of Pakistan. Quite Mentionable thing is that his career is full of such awards which are self-evident of how capable he is.

He was the student of GC University and which groomed him more in different areas of life.

According to him, his father is his greatest motivation who is the only person in the world who besides his Multi-Disability became the first Radio and TV host.

Ali’s eagerness towards learning and reading has always taken him one step ahead of others. Team Crazistan wish him the best in his life and may he keep going well with his great work. You can also follow him here.

Mohtashim Raza Khokhar – Social Media Activist/ Keynote Speaker

First of all, in the very beginning, we want to share the thought of our team member who interviewed him. He said that Mohtashim Raza Khokhar is a name of Patriotism, which was great to hear about him.

He belongs to a family of Lawyers and his elders have always a distinctive role in every Lawyer Movements.

Mohtashim Raza Khokhar

His reputation among the people is established as a keynote speaker of Social Media whose heart instead of being living abroad (as he is also running a successful business in Japan) always beats for Pakistan first.

He always shows the quick response on social media when any kind of event happens at the national level. You can also join his PAGE to learn more about him.

His concern for the nation is always imminent from his sayings and at times his overwhelming reactions about national issues make his followers speechless but on the other hand for them a source of motivation too.

Some of his Achievements are as follows:

  1. 2nd Position District Sheikhupura, in 2009, in CM Debates, Representing National Model School Sheikhupura
  2. Youngest Contestant On Pakistan’s Biggest Cricket Quiz Show “Jeetain Wasim Akram Se” in 2009
  3. 2nd Position Holder, in Speech Competition Of Whole Lahore Board, in 2010
  4. 3rd Position, in CM Debates District Sheikhupura, Representing Punjab College in 2012.

These two of the emerging social media activists have always talked about the odds of the society and their enthusiasm always urges the youth to excel and seemingly they look quite successful in inducing this sense among their followers and listeners.

Our Best Wishes are with these two young enthusiastic Social Media Activists that may they prosper in their lives and keep making us proud with their positive thinking.

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