“Bad is the New Good” – You Need to Read this!!


Bad is the New Good – Don’t you believe? Read this then.

Are we too passive for this world?

Do we live in a liberal environment?

Am I the one with wrong ideas?

Did my parents teach me wrong?

Truly Inspiring Story – What A 70-Year-Old Man Witnessed

These were the questions a 70 years old man, now living in the outskirts of Lahore asked himself as he witnessed the unfolding of this new modern era, sipping on his cracked cup of coffee, resting his back on a sofa with dust as it’s cover.Having born in a village and raised with the cultural values of rural Punjab, and given a daily dose of Islamic teachings at home by his grandma, this old man was more confused than he was happy to see this new technological generation.

Being a literate he understood the evolution of societies and deeply believed in progress and change.But now at the latter years of his age, while most of his eyesight had faded, he was confused and depressed and pondered upon what was happening in this decade.

Bad is the New Good | Crazistan
Bad is the New Good | Crazistan

Things Stuck in His Mind

A debate in his mind was causing blazes of sweat down his forehead.The entire concept of culture and modernism was getting on his nerves ,he recalled the time when he saw a 16 years old boy smoking a cigarette, when he asked the boy that why was he smoking at such a young age, the boy responded in utter sorrow,”Old player, she left me for another man”.

This statement had shocked him to his core when he realized that a 16 years old was smoking because his supposedly beloved had left him for another man.He recalled the time when he saw a 17 years old girl wearing explosive clothes and asked her mother (who was his own niece), why had she dressed her like that, he was told that if she doesn’t dress like that she’ll get branded as “pain”(illiterate villager).

Bad is the New Good | Crazistan
Bad is the New Good | Crazistan

These experiences were making tides in his mind.He remembered the time when he was young his parents told him to lower his gaze when females would pass and how his mother used to preach to her daughters about the importance of decent dressing.Indeed he was old now, but his wisdom was great and now at this age, he was confused in his own upbringing and in today’s norms.

When he would preach the culture to people, he would normally be told that he’s old-fashioned and that those old norms are baseless. He would mostly silence as he would understand that his words no longer meant anything to people.

Maybe he understood that honoring elder’s sermons was one of the norms that were replaced.Once when he protested about females going to dance clubs and DJ nights.He was told that it’s merely gender quality and he felt ashamed that he shouldn’t have stereotyped just females.

Nobody should take part in nightclubs and that it was against our culture and values, he corrected himself and felt happy about the fact that people had started to believe in the concept of gender equality.But then again he was shaken up, with the concept of our local feminism.By the concept he had in mind ,his sisters and the females at his youth were more feminists than most of the females of this era ,he remembered working alongside his sisters and how his sisters used to share the workload at the time of harvest ,but now feminism was being declared only to dress ups, makeups and promoting the color pink. He wasn’t against it but he was astonished how he was told that he was backward when he used to feel pride in working with his sisters and how his family would not restrict his sisters home and ask them to work equally with him.When he reflected upon the male youth, he was disgusted by all the filth that this male youth had in it’s mine.

Bad is the New Good | Crazistan
Bad is the New Good | Crazistan

The goals that this era’s lads had in their minds was a whole bunch of lust, jealousy, and hate.He didn’t see any ambition in most of the lads other than the dirty desire to stare at females and rape them with their eyes.He remembered how his father used to tell him “To see something pure, one needs purified eyes”.So much for the argument “girls dress like that so we watch them”, often thinking about the desperate conditions of the youth’s moral values would give him headaches.

Still now finishing his now cold cup of coffee, having ripples on his forehead he told himself that it was him who must be wrong, the old norms have surely been changed, so as the concept of good and bad.

In a desperate sigh, he advised himself. “Bad is the new good”.