TEDx COMSATS, a collaborative experience that will inspire innovative thinking and resolute actions was hosted by COMSATS Literary Society and Dept. of Computer Science. 

Speakers at TEDx COMSATS:


Moiz Shaukat || Image By Bilal Mohsin

A student of A–level, a physically disabled but mentally strong and motivated teenager from Pakistan, he is the youngest writer, author, motivational speaker, Certified Trainer, Peace Ambassador, Chairman of Dream Builders, Founder of ‘The Inspirational Stories of Pakistan’, received ‘Pakistan’s Best Young Inspirational Personality of 2017’ award. Henceforth, he was also a guest speaker in TEDx LCWU, was nominated for Nobile Peace Prize.
Consequently, recently attended TEDxCOMSATS on Tuesday in Aiwan e Iqbal, Lahore, a great personality, an example for those who lose hope in the middle of their struggle. Shortly after that started his speech by narrating a story of two young boys.

Two young boys of age 9 and 11, was wandering far from their village, where they saw a well. While playing around it, 11 years old boy fell into it.”

“Both of them got scared that how we are going home because it was about to sunset. 9 years old boy got an idea, he threw the water bucket into the well and told his friend to grab the bucket and I will lift you up. He lifted his friend up and they got home.”

They told everybody that this young 9 years old man, actually lifted his friend from the well, can you believe that? Nobody agreed with their statement. They were actually in the search that how 9 years old boy could lift 30-35 kg to 11 years old boy. After a long, one wise man told them, that there was nobody there who could tell him that ‘he can’t do it’”.


Suleman Arshad TedxComsatsSuleman is a final year student of BS (Hons) in Management Sciences at Institute of Administrative Sciences (IAS), University of Punjab. He received the Commonwealth Youth Worker award at Royal Palace London, on 15th March 2017. He is the founder and the president of the Pakistan Para Climbing Club, the first club of its kind in Pakistan. Despite his visual impairment, he has been working to promote inclusive sports empowerment programs in Pakistan.


Another special child in the boundaries of Pakistan, who is inspiring others on a daily basis. He told that his childhood was a ‘bully’. Because his mates always used to tease him about his eyesight. He is suffering from a disease of ‘Partial Eyesight’, since childhood.

Professional Journey

While crossing his maturity age, he decided to overcome his disability by setting an aim of his life. He consulted his teachers about his aim and among all, one teacher told him that “Yes, you can do it”. This was the time he was not afraid of phrase, “لوگ کیا کہیں گے؟”.


Mir Muhammad Ali Khan || Image By Bilal Mohsin

Mir Ali Khan is an internationally renowned Investment Banker, Entrepreneur & Capital Markets Advisor. He is the youngest Chairman and Founder of a Full – service Investment Banker in America and the first Muslim to have owned an investment bank on the Wall Street. He has had a successful career as a Founder & Chairman of The Financial Group, Inc. Federal Advisor to Govt. of Pakistan, a new Member of New Jersey Governors Council, a Senior Advisor to New Jersey State Mayors and US State Senators. He also developed “The World’s First Islamic Banking Benchmark Index on Wall Street, named: KMS-SAMI: (Socially Aware Muslim Index)” which is now a functional index run by the Dow Jones indices.

Throwback to America

Ali Khan belongs to the royal family of Sir Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last ruler of the princely state of Hyderabad Deccan. His maternal grandfather, Syed Ali Asghar Bilgrami, was the governor of five provinces, he claims, proudly. “I come from a family of Urdu-speaking intellectuals.”

Ali Khan’s sister, who was married and settled in New Jersey, sponsored him and the rest of the family members for immigration to the United States in 1984. He was 19 at the time. His graduation is from Rutgers University (1984-88), majoring in economics and finance. Secondly, he started working for Prudential Insurance Company in 1989. However, joined a smaller firm afterward and went on to become a partner there. Ali Khan established a full-service investment bank of his own within 10 years of moving into the United States – an enviable feat by all means.

How the hell did you d😐 that?

He inspired the youth of the hall by showing his love to the motherland. There are few things, that we are going to share of Khan Sahab.

Mir MAK mopped floors, washrooms, done a job in Burger King also was a taxi driver. He was a man of his words and quoted “The luckiest thing happened in my life was this because I broke my ego”. In addition, his emphasis on to be on the same track instead of peer pressure and think about people that لوگ کیا کہیں گے؟ where he added “Create patience in you and stay on the path and ignore the people’s opinion” and more “You are nothing if you give up”

On the other hand, Mir MAK showed his strong stance on terrorism in his motherland AKA Pakistan. Mir MAK is very concerned about the youth of his homeland. Mir MAK gave them adrenaline rush in a form of millionaire sayings. He stated: “Youth is the presence of the country, not the future” as well as “What you do today makes Pakistan better tonight, even not tomorrow” and in a bitter way “I’ve seen less intelligent people successful because they didn’t give up. I’ve seen more intelligent people ruining their lives because they gave up”

To acclaim yourself in a society of master, he explained: “Create a positive image of yourself”. Ultimately, Mir MAK sums up his TED Talk while flashing his countless year struggle with a sentence full of words.

“Everybody knows about my three to four successes, nobody knows my seventy-five to hundred failures” Mir Muhammad Ali Khan(Wolfie of Pakistan)


Rehmat Ajmal, a model, theatre performer, fashion student, and amongst the rare who are headstrong and brave enough to experiment with their looks. Her graduation is from NCA as a textile designer. Rehmat’s dedicated to her work whereas she has been working in Nishat group for the past year. She is of the view that traveling really empowers you. Rehmat is traveling to her aims rapidly and says it is our most important goal to educate ourselves.

Rehmat Ajmal || Image By Bilal Mohsin

On the Floor

In her TED Talk, Rehmat focused on women empowerment and want to break an enigma about “girls are not equivalent to boys.” However, Rehmat discussed the society with their minimalistic approach.

Rehmat Ajmal was born and raised in Lahore(The heart of Pakistan). She was a second consecutive daughter of her parents. People talked like, daughter again, seriously? no son?. Similarly, she grew up meanwhile saw the situation that her parents need her support. Moreover, motivated herself and became one of the successful designers of Lahore. She has seen many ups and downs in her life but still. In the meanwhile, succeeded in making her career and proved the world that daughters are not below sons. Daughters are not meant to be exposed to social race in spite of letting them fly paper planes of their own colors, Even if someone does so they branded them “KURRI KHARAB HO GAI”. 

She chanted a slogan  “لوگ کیا کہیں گے؟” For this, she is of the view that “Being who you are”. Secondly, she born as a daughter, she quoted “human errors are beautiful”. Concluded her talks with:

“I do not follow my dream, I am following my reality”- Rehmat Ajmal


Ayesha was born in Peshawar.She is the first female Pakistani online video streamer and caster with stunning skills of video games. This girl is breaking the myths about female and is motivated to change the society’s thinking perspective “Girls do not belong to the gaming sector”.

Ayesha Saman || Image By Bilal Mohsin


She was homeschooled throughout her life. Ayesha has a passion for playing games. At a time when there was no concept of girls playing video games. Meanwhile, she used to play at her home with a group of 8 boys. Her father was not satisfied with it but her mother supported her at every step.

Ayesha is recognized internationally for playing games. Girls of her age play with toys but this girl is making her country proud. This girl has proved that لوگ کیا کہیں گے؟is just a myth. If you become successful those people will give examples of you.


Dr. Wajahat Mehmood Qazi TedxCOMSATS
Dr. Wajahat Mehmood Qazi TedxCOMSATS

Dr. Wajahat is an Assistant professor in the department of Computer Science at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Momentarily, he is one of the 10 TED-ED educator in Punjab.

Secondly, his area of Interest includes Quantum Computing and Cognition, Cybernetics, Artificial General Intelligence, Machine Consciousness, Bioinformatics. He is the author of the book “Machine Learning in Bioinformatics: An Approach for Protein Sequence Analysis” and several journal papers. Nevertheless, Dr. Wajahat is one of the gems of remarkable institute COMSATS Institute of Information Technology.


TedxCOMSATS team
TedxCOMSATS Management Team

This whole event was possible by the efforts of including Ali Aslam Gondal, Mahrukh Maqsood, Mian Abdullah, Sania Abbasi, Saniya Samad, Shanzay Naeem, Shayan Elahi, Soban Khan, Ufra Tariq, Uzair Hafeez & Wajeeha Asghar(Curation), Ch.M.Noman  Ashraf & Waleed Naeem(Partnerships/Sponsorship) and Haider Ali Khan(Team member). Last but not the least this all done through his efforts Mohammad Samad(Organizer)


Cliche of TEDxCOMSATS was acted by the Dean of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology. Eventually, he gave his reviews and appreciated the efforts of organizers.



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