Moiz Shaukat: The Name of Valour & Proud of Pakistan

When you hear the word ‘disabled,’ people immediately think about people who can’t walk or talk or do everything that people take for granted. But I find the real disability is people who can’t find joy in life and are bitter. Moiz Shaukat is a true example of courage.

Moiz Shaukat caught our attention at TedX COMSATS, he was the guest speaker there and we saw a physically challenged and differently able person inspiring all of us at such a young age and telling us about his courageous journey of life and achievements.

After that event, we decided to approach him and got a great response from his side. So We decided to ask him about the efforts that he has put to achieve that much recognition in the society and made Pakistan proud at every forum. Let’s begin with his story.

Moiz Shaukat | Crazistan
Moiz Shaukat | Crazistan

Moiz Shaukat’s Life Story

Disabled people are considered to be the neglected part in Pakistan, as they attract more sympathies and dependencies. He told us that When He was at school, He was labeled ‘Disable boy’ rather than his own name and this has become the norm in our country sadly.

According to him, It was quite challenging for him to accept this label and stay hopeful with his life especially when two surgeries of his arm and leg haven’t gone well and were not successful.

He told Crazistan,”Yes, I am a physically challenged boy, but I never let this thought tangle my mind. I Kept fighting for my identity & recognizing my skills; finally, I’ve discovered myself. I realized that I’ve the capacity to stand against this label and prove that i am not worthless. I admit I can’t walk easily, but guess what? I have a free mind, a motivated soul & hands to write. This simply makes me feel complete. What if you can move freely but you have a caged mind? What would your physical stability serve you then?”

Education and Career

When asked about his Education he added that Currently, He is doing A-Levels from BSS. Along with this;

  • He is a motivational speaker
  • Chairman at Dream Builders (Supporting Families and Orphans financially)
  • Got ‘Pakistan’s Best Young Inspirational Personality Of 2k17‘ award
  • Pakistan’s Youngest Writer, Author (Finished his first book and working on the second)
  • And the youngest writer of Pakistan being just 16 years of age
  • Peace Ambassador (Spreading Peace Throughout Pakistan)
  • Founder of ‘The Inspirational Stories Of Pakistan’

He writes and speaks on various motivational platforms to encourage others. This is what he dedicated his life to. He admired his family in a way that He would have been nothing without his family, and literally, they are everything to him.

Moiz Shaukat’s Inspiration

Talking about his mother he told that his mother was always been very strong. She advised him, “Whatever you do, be different, if you are different, you will stand out.” And Whenever Moiz Shaukat feels stressful he visualizes this thing in his mind and that is his biggest inspiration.

Just Never Give up

When asked about what message he would give to the youth he summed up his message in one sentence and which is “Just Never Give up!”

Our Message to Moiz Shaukat is: You have proven yourself to be a very skilled individual who has the capacity to do great things with their life. Continue to make us proud as you face new challenges and adventures!!


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