“I’m not so fearful because I know that if death has to come, it’ll come anyway even if I’m at home,”- Zenith Irfan aka Motorcycle Girl wandering father’s wish to travel across Pakistan on a motorcycle.


Zenith Irfan, 23 years old, Marketing and Finance student from Lahore. She is the girl saving up great memories with no boundaries. Zenith’s father had a strong desire to adventure Pakistan’s offshore beauty. His early death meant that he never fulfill his dream.

Zenith Irfan Motorcycle Girl Wanderlust
Courtesy: (Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels)

Cherry on the top, it all started when his brother bought a bike 70cc. Her mother urged his son to let Zenith ride the bike so he can fulfill her father’s ambition. Consequently, her brother and she made a plan to pay their father’s dream, a tribute in a beautiful manner. Similarly, Zenith started learning to ride a bike when she turned 18. In the meantime, she runs an errand in Lahore on a bike.

Ho Jao Azaad!

In June 2015, She continued his first adventure as a six-day solo trip with Azad Kashmir region, a disputed region in northeastern Pakistan that borders India and China.

“I want to go to Kashmir because I’ve heard so much about it,” she told to CNN
“They say ‘Kashmir, Jannat E Nazir,’ meaning it’s a paradise on earth.
“I don’t want to be that person who just sees it in pictures – I want to go and experience it for myself on my motorcycle,” says Irfan.
Zenith Irfan Motorcycle Girl Wanderlust
Kashmir, Courtesy: (Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels)
She traveled first to Islamabad. She rode on Muree further Muzaffarabad( capital of Kashmir). Neelum Valley was the top spot in Kashmir along with villages like Kel and Sharda for her.
Zenith Irfan feels “Azaad” after his crazy adventure.
Zenith Irfan Motorcycle Girl Wanderlust
Khunjerab Pass
Courtesy: (Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels)

Secondly, another expedition on a motorcycle to Gilgit and Baltistan, in August 2015. In her 20-day trip, she had traveled to highest plateaus in the world-Deosai Plains and Chilas, a very conservative small village where residents hostile to outsiders threatened her with rocks.

She was anxious about road accident due to her traveling accompanied by trucks on a treacherous road of the northern region. Nevertheless, if you have an eye of the tiger, no danger can stop it to her.

“I can’t avoid it. I can’t obstruct my dreams because of a fear of death and accidents.” She added with an adrenaline rush.


Zenith Irfan Motorcycle Girl Wanderlust
Rubab Jam in KPK, Courtesy: (Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels)

However, without taking a pause, she went to Khyber Pakhtun Khawaah (KPK), the next year along with her brother and his fellows.


Zenith Irfan Motorcycle Girl Wanderlust
Babusar Top with friends
Courtesy: (Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels)


She never took a solo trip, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say,  “solo girl trip” because of, she always travels with her group members which are, including her brother and his friends.

She wasn’t afraid of riding in the hill stations, but what she was afraid of was, truck drivers. Because of all day driving, they usually fell asleep while driving at night and they might crush her, according to her.


Zenith at its zenith

There’s a motorbike enthusiast, who has explored Northern Pakistan on her bike (Zenith Irfan) and so many other girls, who may not be fashion models or give some theatrical performances but are role models in some way or the other. For the target audience, these girls are either just like them or like someone they can aspire to be.

Biopic In Making

There is a film based on her traveling experience The Motorcycle Girl directed by Adnan Sarwar staring young Pakistani actress Sohai Ali Abro, 23 (as Zenith Irfan) and Sameena Peerzada (as her mother). The shooting was winded up at the end of February this year. Moreover, the movie will be released on 20th April this year.

Zenith Irfan Motorcycle Girl Wanderlust
Sohai Ali Abroo with Adnan Sarwar on the shooting of The Motorcycle Girl Biopic


Sohai Ali Abroo: The Motorcycle Girl posted on Instagram

En-route 🏍💕 #themotorcyclegirl #theroadlesstravelled 🐾 🏔🎬 @adnansarwar2020

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She has inspired many women since the news break out  “Girl on a motorcycle”. She broke the walls of stereotype in the society.


Working with Nishat cannot explain in my words. They don’t feel Zenith even for once that she was a gypsy biker on my motorcycle. They have embraced her persona in various aspects and excel her with a lot of opportunities. She worked as a Brand Influencer of Nishat in their previous campaign. She felt Nishat as second and let her treat like mother where she learned an important life lesson.

Zenith Irfan Motorcycle Girl Wanderlust
Courtesy: Nishat Linen

Additionally, She felt riding a motorcycle is just an “ordinary thing” before working with Nishat. This brand makes herself a role model for girls irrespective of any boundary in the world, specifically for those who want to achieve something in their life.

Although, this experience reflects my moto to ride a motorcycle on complex terrain and notorious trucks resulted in a lighter side with her wanderlust to the world and proud to be a woman.

Female Rider Impact

Besides moving in a stereotyped society, many other females started riding a bike for many causes and from different areas of Pakistan. She is a beautiful symbol of women empowerment.  They all are not from only Islamabad, Lahore, or Karachi, but some are from small villages.  Like,

  • Nighat, 52, a hospital nurse, (riding a bike since 1974)
  • Fatima, from Sargodha
  • Urooj, cooperate worker in a company
  • Riffat, first Careem bike Captain from Lahore, etc.

Some for their dreams and some for job purposes. She taught them, that there is no harsh in riding a bike but it removes a burden of dependency on the society.

Achievement is not something you must be given or awarded, but also to change someone’s life which is called the motivation.

She got a very opposite response from the rural areas because she was expecting that they might not accept her, but the water flowed the opposite side.


Eventually, this is a remarkable journey by Zenith Irfan till now. No matter what, this is hell craziness. Even we feel ourselves the epitome of craziness aka Crazistan.

In the meanwhile, she left us too far. There is a quiet wave of feminism nowadays in Pakistan. If you want to be a true feminist so be Zenith Irfan. It is the best example I ever will give to anyone.

Kudos to Zenith Irfan for her upcoming expeditions in future. we wish you good luck and willing to feature on our minimalistic platform.

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