‘Movie on Rape got Raped’

The Pakistani movie Verna which was scheduled to be released on 17- November-2017 is now in trouble. Pakistani censor board has banned it just two days before its release because it tackles some of the most controversial topics of rape and misuse of power which makes it indecent for the audience.

It is directed by Shoaib Mansoor and featuring Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid in the lead. Mahira Khan’s playing the character of a girl who got abused and movie projects the life of that abused girl.

Shoaib Mansoor has always highlighted the topics related to social injustices in his work which have been criticized by much of the audience because it projects a bad image of Pakistan.

Shoaib Mansoor, the director, has gone into an appeal to review this decision by the Censor Board. Mahira Khan has also expressed her outrage on this decision on Dunya news and hoped that movie will be in theatres soon. Whereas, Haroon Shahid (actor) has expressed his shock in a unique way on Twitter