Walt Disney to buy assets of 20th Century Fox 

It had been a surprise to everyone hearing Walt Disney made a deal to buy assets of 21st Century Fox of worth $52.4 billion. The Walt Disney will be able to get some major parts of the Fox.

According to the sources of Reuters, if the deal is a success then Walt Disney would operate around 272 channels around the globe. The main channels that are going to be owned by the Walt Disney include National Geography and Star channels of India. The Fox would hold Fox News Channel, Fox Sports, and Fox Business Network

The main assets that are to be bought by Walt Disney include 20th – Century Fox film and TV studios. The studios have produced the superheroes movies of X-Men and Deadpool and cartoons like Simpsons. The merger can now be able to challenge the Netflix, Google, and Amazon etc.

Bob Iger has now decided to extend his tenure as CEO of Walt Disney for the third time now from 2019 to 2021 to keep an eye on the merger.

It was shocking news because it was being anticipated that Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Fox to hand over the company to his son. As it was mentioned by Rupert earlier that his elder son Lachlan to become the CEO whereas Iger said James, another son of Murdoch, to oversee the historic merger.

Rupert Murdoch, Centre — with James (Right) and Lachlan (Left)