The frontman and lead vocalist of famous band ‘U2’ state that he almost died during the recording of “Songs of Experience”.

In an interview with Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner, he spoke on different topic the main thing that left the audience stunned was his revelation of the almost near death experience about which he didn’t want to talk.

The title of the interview is “U2’s frontman on the state of his band, the state of the world and what he learned from almost dying” and was conducted in New York.

The question to explain the near-death experience and answer:

One thing this record seems to be about is survival. The survival of the world, and of our political system. But let’s talk about your own survival. In the middle of recording, you had a near-death experience. Tell me what happened.

Well, I mean, I don’t want to.

Jann Wenner further asked Bono

I understand. I had my own experience recently. People want to ask about my health, and I’m hesitant to talk about it. Why do I feel that way? Am I ashamed? Is it weakness I am trying to cover up?

It’s just a thing that . . . people have these extinction events in their lives; it could be psychological or it could be physical. And, yes, it was physical for me, but I think I have spared myself all that soap opera. Especially with this kind of celebrity obsession with the minutiae of peoples’ lives – I have got out of that. I want to speak about the issue in a way that lets people fill in the blanks of what they have been through, you know?

Further on talking about his health and the circumstances going on in Europe and America he said

“This political apocalypse was going on in Europe and in America, and it found a perfect rhyme with what was going on in my own life. And I have had a hail of blows over the years. You get warning signs, and then you realize that you are not a tank, as [his wife] Ali says. Edge has this thing that he says about me, that I look at my body as an inconvenience.”

On talking about U2’s new album ‘Songs of Experience’ he said

“And you can’t write ‘Songs of Experience’ without writing about that. And I’ve had a couple of these shocks to the system, let’s call them, in my life,” he said. “Like my bike accident or my back injury. So it was always going to be the subject. I just didn’t want to be such an expert in it.”

Bono has already suffered a lot in past firstly he got himself examined for throat cancer but turned out to be fine, then he suffered from an injury in the back and in 2014 he met a bike accident but luckily pulled out of it.