HBO named Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington for Lead Category of Golden Globes

According to Gold Derby, HBO landed a new strategy to name Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington in the lead acting category of Golden Globe 2018. This promotion would leave a space for another actress like Turner or Gwendoline Christie in the list of supporting actor race.

After season one, HBO submitted names of Lena Headey and Sean Bean at Emmys 2011 but didn’t get in nominations.

In past, all the names of ‘GoT’ were submitted in the race of supporting actors of all the award shows like Golden Globe, Emmys and SAG Awards. But no one was successful in getting nominated for Golden Globe. Emilia earned three nominations for Emmys whereas Harington earned it only once. HBO hopes that this time they will manage to get nominated for Golden Globe by promoting Emilia and Harington.

Putting the names in supporting race has never made them win the high award, instead ‘Game of Thrones’ managed to get nominated for best drama series over the years. Hopefully, this year ‘Game of Thrones’ has the best of luck in Golden Globes.

Do you know the other thing to get excited about Golden Globe 2018? Seth Meyer’s name has been announced as the host of Golden Globes that are to be held on January 7, 2018. He has taken over Jimmy Fallon who hosted Golden Globe 2017.