Indian actress Dipika Kakar embrace Islam for her soulmate. She tied the knot with “Susral Simar Ka” co-star Shoaib Ibrahim. Such craziness for her loved one sparked on Instagram & more.

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In an interview, Faiza Ibrahim Kakar formerly known as Dipika said she was proud(embrace Islam) of herself. There is a specific line between showbiz and private, told by Faiza. Additionally, there should not be interference in private matters and don’t want to, a cliche reported by Mrs. Ibrahim.

Controversy or Blessing: MashahAllah

The wedding took place on 22nd of February 2018. She gave her interview to various media. she uttered all the marriage diaries along her conversion to Islam. Faiza Ibrahim, yes her new name, answered all the questions regarding all the things you know better what questions are being asked when you wed with your loved ones.

Straight Outta Fairytale: Jo Sach Hai Woh Sach Hai

One of the craziest moment told by our bhabhi “It was completely my decision. It’s something that I have willingly done, so there’s no question about it being tough.” 

Mrs. Ibrahim question about her honeymoon plan. She replied, “Since he (Shoaib Ibrahim) was so busy, I, along with my gang of girls, made some plans, shortlisted a couple of destinations, and checked ticket prices, too.

But then my dear hubby asked me to wait, as he wants to give me a very good surprise, and wants to make our honeymoon super memorable for me. Therefore, like an obedient wife, I am quietly waiting now.”

Secondly, she added more, “Yes, because she has no option now. I am planning something for her, and to get something extra special, you need to wait. So Inshallah, our honeymoon will be very soon and a special one.”

Jodi Crazy Rahay 😆

Eventually, Crazistan blessed them a happy loving life. However, controversies are a part of your life. You face criticism but you have to confront it together, united we stand divided we fall. One thing is proved “Pyar Andha Hota Hai“. Love is not bounded by any religion. Islam is a religion which shows mercy and transfers the message of love and kindness.

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