Why This Bollywood Singer is So Obsessed with Pakistan??


Indian Singer Babul Supriyo(Now Minister) has asked the Indian government to ban Pakistani artists in India including Rahat Fateh Ali and Atif Aslam as he considers it against Indianism.He seemed to be very much obsessed with Pakistan.

Following Modi’s Mindset

Babul Supriyo may not have achieved the stardom he would have aspired as a singer but his political career has taken off big time as the first-time MP was inducted as a minister in the Narendra Modi government in 2014 and seemed to be deeply influenced by Modi’s policies against Pakistan.

Bollywood | Pakistan | Crazistan News
Bollywood | Pakistan | Crazistan News

Singer-turned-Indian minister Babul Supriyo says Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice in a song that is included in Bollywood film “Welcome To New York”, need to be eliminated and dubbed and replaced by someone else.

Heights of Extremism

He said“If that’s real, I’d request the makers of the film to dispose of Rahat’s voice and get any individual else to dub it!

I am also not certain why Atif Aslam was called to sing “Dil Diya Gallan” when for certain our very own Arijit might have done a significantly better job.

The FM stations played that song even after the NEWS that our soldiers are killed by Pakistan-funded terrorists,” he stated.

Bollywood | Pakistan | Crazistan News
Bollywood | Pakistan | Crazistan News

Supriyo covered his bad mouthing saying that India has no problems with both Atif or Rahat.He mentioned, “Atif as an artist sounds average in “Dil Diya Gallan” and Rahat is a just a satisfactory singer too.

Nevertheless, its time to make it clear that our concern isn’t with the artists Atif or Rahat, however with their Pakistani nationality.”

“Bollywood is a vital a part of that Indianism. It represents India globally, and thus banning Pakistani artists in Indian films would also be taken as a protest against a Nation supporting Terrorists. And “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” had met protests due to Fawad Khan,” he included.

Bollywood | Pakistan | Crazistan News
Bollywood | Pakistan | Crazistan News

The movie, starring Karan Johar, Diljit Dosanjh, Sonakshi Sinha, Boman Irani, Rana Daggubati, among others, features Salman Khan in a title song which is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Salman, who is the singer’s fan was once rumored to have changed Arijit Singh’s voice with Rahat’s voice in Jag Ghoomeya from Sultan. Salman, nonetheless, had refuted rumors that it was the producers’ choice.

Labelling them Terrorists

Supriyo further stated, “It’s appropriate to say that Pakistanis singers are not able to reach that much glory and they should not forget that a single Pakistani artist was made famous with the aid of Bollywood.
He added, “Sufficient is sufficient now, ban them for their only crime, that’s being a Pakistani. Let we Indians wear our hearts on our sleeves and let our hearts beat in salutation of the sacrifice of our courageous hearts.”

He stressed that Bollywood Singer can be a good choice for all the songs that they have sung for us replacing everytime a Bollywood singer.

It is a Loud and Clear message to India that you people call our celebs to join you and work in your movies, and then receives the money for their work so what is your point in victimizing them always and why are you so obsessed with us?

They are already doing well here and were also doing good before going India and were prospering.

So Stop hitting the bush and stop false blaming Pakistan as we are already fighting against terrorism and giving sacrifices.

Please stop your terror groups trying to infiltrate us as you are no longer capable of doing anything against Pakistan.

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