Angelina Jolie Lips – A guide


Angelina Jolie Lips – A guide

Having a lips like Angeline Jolie is probably one of the greatest dream that women today have. Lucky for you, such dream can now be easily achieved, thanks to the various additions in the lip technology such as lip plumper.

Angelina Jolie Lips – A guide
Angelina Jolie Lips – A guide

Here are some tips to try:

Exfoliate Your Lips.

There are times when our lips get a bit dry and flaky. The best way to avoid this is by exfoliation. You can do this by making use of a wet wash cloth which you can wipe back and forth on your lips. You can also try making use of a lip scrub.

When exfoliating, make sure not to overdo it if you do, you will be getting less than productive results. Be gentle in doing this as this can lead to burning the lips as well as irritating the skin.

Put On Lip Plumper.

Lip plumpers are the newest addition in the lip cosmetics industry. When you opt for the good brands, a lip plumper can easily plump, moisturize and smooth out the lips. With all the various lip plumpers out there, it can be quite hard to choose which one to use.

With That In Mind, Here Are Some Tips:

* Take a look at the ingredients label prior to buying the lip plumper. Different products make use of various ingredients in plumping your lips. There are some which make use of food-base additives such as cinnamon and wintergreen. On one note, there are also others which utilize ephedrine. The latter part may cause some severe allergic reactions so you must be cautious in using it.

  • The right way to apply a plumper is to apply it the same way lipstick or lip gloss is applied. One thing you must avoid doing is to apply the lip plumper to the skin which surrounds the edges of the lips.
  • Prior to applying lipstick or lip gloss, it is a must that you wipe off your lip plumper.
  • A natural alternative to lip plumper is salt or cayenne pepper. Sadly, this can cause irritation and dryness of the lips.

Use A Lip Liner To Line And Fill In The Lips.

For this, you will be needing a lip liner which is lighter than your skin tone. Once you use a lighter color, the highlighted feature will stand above the background and it will be a lot more noticeable. Here are some additional tips:

➱ In the event that the look you have created is a bit hard for your personality and preference, you can lighten it up by adding lip gloss.

➱ You can find various lip glosses which contain cinnamon and ginger which helps in improving circulation on your lips. Sadly, these two ingredients may cause the throat to swell up once ingested so licking the lips should be avoided.

Follow these simple tips and you can finally get the lips that you most wanted